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Check Out What These Fine Folks Have Said About My Work . . . .

"James Newman has written a smashing dark debut that kept me turning pages right through to the THE END."
(Black River Falls; Relentless; Moonchasers and Other Stories)

"Midnight Rain is a harrowing, utterly terrifying ride though a time not long past, a dark Southern town, and the waking nightmare faced by one young man when he discovers a dreadful truth. The narrative is up close and personal, sharp and edgy. It is a story that grabbed me from the outset, buried its teeth in deep, and would not let go. Midnight Rain, by J. Newman, is easily one of the best books Iíve read in the last few years."
(Sineater; Welcome Back the Night; Wire Mesh Mothers)

"A beautifully written adult story of murder and a boy. Grimly true to life, evocative and compelling. I love it!"
(On a Pale Horse; Firefly; the "Xanth" Series)

"The Wicked is a good old fashioned, unabashed HORROR novel. J. Newman remembers when horror used to be fun, and he's recaptured it here in all of its gory glory. A terrifying page turner in the tradition of Graham Masterton, J. N. Williamson, and Richard Laymon. Wickedly good reading from one of horror's new heirs!"
(No Rest For the Wicked; Love and Worms; Co-Author of 4 x 4)

"Most dark fiction comes across like empty chocolates -- you take a bite in eager anticipation and then find out there's no filling. But James Newman is a literary confectioner of near-legendary generosity -- just sink your teeth into his claustrophobic, edge-of-the-seat saga of ecumenical excess Holy Rollers and savor what squeezes out. But watch your clothes...that stuff can burn!"
(The Longest Single Note; co-author of Escardy Gap; editor of Narrow Houses and Touch Wood)

"J. Newman is an important new voice in horror. His work is intelligent and highly entertaining...prepare to be thrilled!"
(Black Day; After Dark; editor of Rare and Random Acts of Weirdness)

"J. Newman's horror is very forthright. It is a lucid madness. It cuts cleanly and does so, always, straight to the bone and the brain."
(This Symbiotic Fascination; Up, Out of Cities That Blow Hot and Cold)

"For thrills and chills both wicked and warped, hop aboard the J. Newman Express. Heaven only knows where you might end up, but you're sure to have a Hell of a ride."
(Wondrous Strange: Tales of the Uncanny)

"(J. Newman is) one to watch."

"Newman packs in more creepiness before 9 a.m. than most folks pack in all day...Newman writes in a swirl-of-events mode that keeps things going with an aura of desperation similar to that of trying to stop a massive layout of dominoes toppling--just can't do it, and you can't stop reading either."

"(Holy Rollers is) sinfully delightful . . . . "
(Co-Author of Hooked On Horror: A Guide To Reading Interests In Horror Fiction)

"James Newman is a new writer of promise who delivers the goods."
(Wetwork; Full Throttle)

"(J. Newman) has an unsettling ability to write about people and situations we are all familiar with, taking us to nether-regions we hadn't suspected there that will shake your sense of safety loose from its moorings and reduce the comfort zone of your daily surroundings to zero."
(A Darkness Inbred; editor of the Asylum series)

"James Newman is a maker of unease. The laughter is uncomfortable, and the people are just slightly out of joint...his horrors donít lurk in the dark but in the eyes of someone you know."
(Bram Stoker Award-Winning Editor of Chiaroscuro and the Brainbox series)

"James Newman is rapidly becoming one of horror's newest and most exciting voices. The Wicked is a furious mix of suspense, humor, and good old-fashioned carnage that hooked me from the first page and wouldn't let me go. A winner!"
(Night Terrors)

"A talented writer is never an "overnight" success despite what the public believes. There is a period of development, often many years, a long, slow growth curve to reach the top professional level. Occasionally, a reader is lucky enough to discover work by a relatively unknown writer right near the apex of that curve, just when the writer is reaching the peak of his development. And that is the case with James Newman -- here is a young writer just reaching the upper portion of his learning curve, beginning to produce truly memorable, top-notch work. You are indeed a fortunate reader!"
(The Burden of Indigo; Ghosts, Spirits, Computers, & World Machines)

"James Newman turns the ordinary into something extremely bizarre. He displays a rare ability to put you at ease before he slams you in a corner to fight for your life. You'll be jumpy for days after reading his work."
(Driving With Ace; Michael In Hell)

"Newman's tightly woven tale of terror will leave you feeling like a small child just woken from a nightmare, only to find that you are all alone in the dark. Newman conjures fears you thought you lost in childhood, until The Wicked finds you! The Wicked is one wicked tale -- and nobody could tell it like Newman!"
(Horrors of the Holy; Ghost Writer)

"James Newman can find evil in anyone: the guy in line behind you at the supermarket, the next door neighbors, even your dear old grandma. That's what makes his work so damn terrifying. One of the things I like best about James Newman's work is the way he gets right down to business. He doesn't waste time introducing characters and prolonging plot setups -- it's just BAM, right into the action!"
(Deadliest of the Species; co-author of 4 x 4)

"(In The Wicked) the Little family has moved from New York City to Morganville, North Carolina hoping to rebuild their lives, only to find that their new zip code is right next door to hell. James Newman writes about the battle between good and evil like no one else in the horror genre. When he writes about the power of good, he's great, and when he writes about evil, he's on fire."
(Bram Stoker Award-Winner; Author of Teeth, Martyrs, and Death Drives a Semi)